The 3 Canadians

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Aug 17th, 2001
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Dominica Malcolm

Feel free to read through this page, but if you want more in depth information, visit my 3 Canadians site Enter the Canadians.

These are the three Canadians, whether you like it or not. The 3 Canadians formed in 1994 when each of the members was a tender age of 21. Obviously they are all from Canada, and they still have their Canadian accents. However, North now lives in Sydney, Australia and they don't do shows together as often as they used to. In fact, after their 1998 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, the group dissolved and while North went one way, Eric and Derek went off together in another direction.

They've been performing at the Melbourne Comedy Festival since 1995, and in that year, Eric and Derek appeared on the Gala to tell a story, one word at a time. It was a story about a kookaburra. Their appearances back then were a lot different from now. The photo seen on this page was taken during the 2001 Melbourne Comedy Festival BUT back in 1995, Derek had dread locks, and believe it or not, Eric had much longer hair. In 2000, Derek had bleached blond hair. I have no further knowledge on their hairstyles over the years, except I think 1998, Derek had sort of stawberry blond hair.

Their 1998 Melbourne comedy festival show was called "Swallow This" and it was about an abusive French Chef (Eric). Swallow This was the name of the restaurant. Click here for a review.

Other shows they've performed together include one where North was looking for a flat mate, and Derek was the only interested member of the public. Eric then moved in behind North's back and the story went on from there. Another show would be their 2001 Melbourne Comedy Festival show, "Space Monkeys" where they travelled on their space ship and docked an abandoned ship and stole things from it to cause some great adventure. North was the captain, Derek was a technitian, I can't remember Eric's title, but he also cleverly played the computer, PAL.

Eric, Derek, and North are essentially improv comics, however, their festival shows are somewhat scripted. When on stage for small gigs, they tend to do more improvisation. Some would call it lazy, but it is actually hard work. Some smaller gigs they've had during the Melbourne Comedy Festival would include performances at Southgate (The Big Laugh Out) and Melbourne Central (Comedy Central).

In Canada, these guys were an offspring of the Loose Moose, and they have had sell out performances at the Loose Moose Theatre. In fact, they've had sell out shows all over the world. They've also performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And these guys aren't afraid of anything either. The audiences of Space Monkeys were shocked and amused to see the 3 Canadians getting their kits off, being on stage naked right in front of their eyes!

I also must say, that while they'd had their little break from each other in 1999-2000, they still all appeared at the 2000 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. North had his solo show, "North Alone", and Eric and Derek did a show together called "Eric and Derek's Hot Nuts and Popcorn Variety Hour". Also at the 2000 Melbourne Comedy Festival, Eric and Derek appeared in another season show, "Loose Moose", with some of their other Canadian performing buddies (see picture below).

And during the 2001 Comedy Festival, Derek also appeared in the late night Cops on Heat interrogation room on the 13th of April, being interrogated by, yes, another Canadian! (John Knowles). Also during the 2001 Comedy Festival, Eric and Derek sung "The summer of 69" by Brian Adams, since he is also Canadian, and they didn't know the words to any song (even that one), at the Festival Club as part of the Scared Weird Little Guys Superband. This happened twice, on the mornings of Sunday the 15th, and Friday the 20th. Eric and Derek also hosted Spinning Wheel twice, on Sunday the 15th and Sunday the 22nd of April (2001).

I have interviewed Eric and Derek. For more information about Derek, read my profile of him.

Birthdates (yes, Derek was kind enough to tell me when they were all born!):
Eric Amber: 25th of April, 1973
Derek Flores: 26th of April, 1973
North Darling: 28th of February, 1973