In the Spotlight: Kevin Smith & View Askew

November 2001

Kevin Smith (click for photo source) Kevin Smith, View Askew productionist, is in the spotlight on CDU right now due to his new film, Jay and Silent Bob Stike Back, being released in cinemas right around Australia on February 28 2002. This film features some of Smith's best loved View Askew characters including Jay Phat Buds (Jason Mewes), Silent Bob (Smith), Banky Edwards (Jason Lee), Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck), Alyssa Jones (Joey Adams) and more. Jay and Silent Bob have featured in most of the previous View Askew films, Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. Silent Bob also made an appearance in Drawing Flies, another View Askew production, however, was not written by Smith.

Jay and Bob have also had a cameo appearance in Scream 3, which is probably why they spoof filming a Scream 4 in J&SBSB. There is also reference to a Good Will Hunting 2.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was originally supposed to be released in Australia on November 15th, however, due to an executive decision from the guys at Miramax in New York, the release date was pushed back three and a half months. According to a fan posting on the View Askew Messageboard, Buena Vista wanted to give Jay and Silent Bob a bigger cult following before the release of the film.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back information: Be sure to watch the closing credits all the way through, something happens after them that you may want to see. The film is set in Hollywood so there are appearances by Matt Damon, Shannen Doherty, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Ben Affleck, James Van Der Beek and Jason Biggs as themselves. "I hate how fake Hollywood is" exclaims Jay in the second Internet trailer for the film. Apart from starring Lee, Mewes, Smith, and Affleck, among the starring cast is Chris Rock, Will Ferrell, and Shannon Elizabeth.

You may wish to purchase the soundtrack when that is released also, particularly if you are a fan of Jay and Silent Bob. The soundtrack features cut scenes from the film. If you can't wait until it's released in stores, it is available to purchase now on the Internet. There's still some more trivia to come...Jay and Silent Bob appear on two of the music videos from the soundtrack. One being "Because I was High" by Afro Man (and has been played on Video Hits) and another one. Both of these music videos can be downloaded from View Askew. Also available on that website are two Internet-only trailers for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Smith has a number of films in the works right now also. He is in the midst of writing Jersey Girl, a Chasing Amy-like film but based around fatherhood due to Smith's love for his child Harley Quinn. He's also working on Fletch Won, a prequel to the first two Fletch movies starring Chevy Chase. Filming has not yet started for this and is due for release around 2003-4. Both of these films will star Jason Lee. Also in the works is an animated film of Clerks which will probably be released after Jersey Girl. Filming of Jersey Girl will begin next year, after the 3rd Vulgarthon, a convention for View Askew fans which Smith personally attends.

Another View Askew production set for release is Vulgar. It was delayed release from this year until February 2002 in the US. Release dates for Australia are as yet unknown.

Deciding if you should watch previous View Askew films before catching J&SBSB

Clerks Clerks was the first View Askew film. It is rated R18+ in Australia and was filmed in blank and white on a very small budget. Seeing this film could work wonders if you see it before Chasing Amy and Mallrats because of the references to Clerks from them. Also, a working title for J&SBSB was Clerks 2, so it is probably worth while catching this one.

Mallrats Mallrats followed college boy T.S. (Jeremy London) and mallrat Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee) during their little 'adventure' in the mall. Jay and Silent Bob are asked for help with T.S.' revenge against his ex-girlfriend's father. Also stars Shannen Doherty as René and Ben Affleck as Shannon. Brodie makes an appearance in J&SB. The end of this film may also be of some importance for Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, but it's totally your decision if you choose to see it. Mallrats is rated MA15+ in Australia.

Chasing Amy All of the main characters in Chasing Amy are in J&SBSB so if you choose to only watch one of the previous View Askew films, I'd recommend this one. It's the film with Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck) and Banky Edwards (Jason Lee). Holden and Banky, along with the other characters, Alyssa Jones (Joey Adams) and Hooper (Dwight Ewell), are all comic book artists. Jay and Silent Bob are the stars of Holden and Banky's comics, a bit of information that is useful to know if you choose not to see this before Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Chasing Amy is rated MA15+ for adult themes and language.

Dogma Dogma is rated MA15+ as with most of the other View Askew films (Clerks being the exception). The only reason I can see at this stage to view this film before J&SBSB is so you can get a better idea of Jay and Silent Bob's characters. None of the other characters in this film, apart from the character Alanis Morissette plays (very briefly, mind you), are in J&SBSB. This film stars Ben Affleck as Bartleby, Matt Damon as Loki, Salma Hayek as Serendipity, Jason Lee as Azrael, Chris Rock as Rufus, and Linda Fiorentino as Bethany. Dogma mocks religion, particularly Catholicism, so it may be an idea not to watch this if you're offended by that sort of thing.