Tanya Bulmer

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Mar 22nd, 2001
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Dominica Malcolm
4th December, 1970
CDU Interviews
(Mar 21st 2001)

The first I'd seen of this female comedian is when I saw her on GNW Night Lite. I liked her right from the time I heard her side of the "Really quite small debate". Since then, I've found out a little more information.

Tanya was a part of the stage show "Improzac" and she is a regular Theatre Sport comedian.

Tanya resides in Sydney, being one of the improv comics in the scene there.

She was one of BackBerner's roving reporters for a while in 2000.

Also in 2000, she was occasionally on Good News Week. She was on the episode of the taping I went to which was very exciting. She had to play twister with Julie McCrossin while answering questions. She didn't really care about the questions and she didn't really care where she had her hands and feet, she just wanted the game to be over. She got very pissed off with Paul McDermott for that and I don't blame her. Still, it was very memorable. I must say I'd probably think that was the third best thing that happened at that taping. I can't say what the best thing was because it didn't make it to air and Paul told us not to tell anyone (then again, it did make it to the Over & Outtakes episode).

There is a little bit about what Tanya thought of playing Twister on Good News Week in my interview with her, plus a whole lot more.

And I lied at the start - the very first time I had seen Tanya was when I watched the movie Dags sometime in 1998. I just didn't know who she was then and it didn't click until John Knowles recently told me she was in the film and I rented it out again. She played Cheryl, and she was, I would assume, the lead role in the film. I recommend it to anyone.