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Magda Szubanski as Dogwoman
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Dec 24th, 1999
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Magda was obviously in Babe 1 and 2 as she played Mrs Hoggit but less people would probably know that she was in Fast Forward because it was axed so many years ago.

There is a Fast Forward book which she helped write. As did she with the scripts of the show.

Babe 1 and 2 are not the only videos you can find her in either. There is a video called Magda: The Best of Magda Szubanski. This video features all the best bits from hers acts on Fast Forward.

Magda can do a range of voices and accents as she did on Fast Forward. She especially does a great New Zealand accent (very funny). On Fast Forward, she had the opportunity to interview (put lightly) some famous names in the media at the time (such as John Farnham). She has worn different costumes which would make her unrecognisable at first glance.

Szubanski gets into her roles very well which makes her not only a great comedian but also a great actor.

Szubanski is definitely a comedian that is worth seeing, she may appear large (I’m not being offensive) but that doesn’t matter - some of the greatest comedians are overweight or large because they know that size doesn’t matter and a lot of people laugh at fat people. At least they learn to laugh at themselves. They know they’re good people and the fact that they can share it with the public is even greater. I say: "You go Magda, you rule Oz".

A book that you can read all about Magda Szubanski is "Comedians in the Mist". The author of the book interviewed many Aussie comedians for it.

Some Fast Forward stuff ups were on channel seven on the 15th of October 1999 on the channel seven special in Perth (40 years in the making)

Okay now for some more important stuff. Magda produced the show "In search of Christmas" in 1995, directed "Dog Woman" in 1999, directed "Something Stupid" in 1998 and directed "Big Girls Blouse" in 1994. Magda helped write the scripts for the above shows too.

Magda was also one of the original D-Generation in 1988.