Jason Starrett

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Oct 14th, 2003
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Jason Starrett
9th November, 1972
CDU Interviews
(Jun 6th 2000)

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Having performed on stage since 1990, Jason Starrett has developed a unique brand of comedy that is hilariously eclectic. Effortlessly combining and changing styles from astute observations to slapstick; mime to song parody; recollections to bizarre predictions; skits to stand-up and everything else in between, he seems to have a comic slant on all aspects of life.

"Fantastic work. That was great to watch." George Smilovici

Jason's versatility as a comic performer has seen him perform to riotous applause in a wide variety of venues. Whether performing for a dozen club managers, twenty school students, a couple of hundred club goers or a thousand-strong theatre crowd, he always seems to be in his element, leaving his audience awestruck.

"You will roll in the aisles at the hilarious antics of dynamic new comedian Jason Starrett." Lake Macquarie News

Having won the Green Faces national comedy competition in 2000, Jason is proving that his comedic talents are undeniably popular, clever and one of a kind.

"He's just a bloody funny little bastard." Jason's Aunty Berry

An exciting and hilarious comedian, Jason Starrett is a must-see performer.